Its Simply Survivals Official Rule Page

1. Hacked or altered minecraft clients are NOT allowed on our server.

2. XRAY texture packs & hacking clients are strictly prohibited.

3. Absolutely NO advertising of any other minecraft servers!

3. Please respect all players & staff members.

3. No spamming the chats or players through PM's.

4. DO NOT type in all caps while in global chat. This is consider to be spam (example: HEY EVERYONE I NEED DIRT!)

5. Cursing is allowed when being used in a friendly or joking manner but no constant cursing.

6. Absolutely NO racist or sexist remarks, insults or gestures please!

7. No leaving 1x1 towers or dirt huts in the wilderness, please demo your towers & shelters please.

8. Please do not ask to be a staff member or put in op mode. If your are interested in being a staff member please submit a moderator application by clicking the link on the navigation menu.

9. Do not build around or right on top of someone else's protection field. Build within a respectable range of others. Unless they approve you to build near them please don't.

10. NO Community Grinders/XP Farms. Your grinder or xp farm MUST NOT be open to the public by default. You may allow your friends to use your farms but it MUST NOT be accessible to ALL users.

11. No AFK fishing farms or AFK pools.

Thank you
- ISS Staff Team