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Follow the signs Trident challenge has a winner!

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Well done tjmoore03 who won this challenge, winning 1 trident, 64 bookcases, 64 iron blocks, 64 gold blocks, 4 diamond blocks, and a couple of golden apples.

thanks all who gave it a try. For reference the solution is below.

  1. 1111, 111, 1111 - block was easy to find, but area around it was protected so not so easy to get to. With no kit the solution is to stack jump up *above* the gold block, drop down onto it, then walk backwards off it and take a screenshot as you fall. Placing water at bottom before you start is possible and avoids fall damage. This is a bit tricky, but can be much easier if you brew a potion of slow falling. Also using an elytra is obviously also an option for this one.
  2. Underwater temple - this was simply swim in, and find the sign. The guardians are a bit nasty, but you just need to keep moving, swimming around pillars and things to break line of sight. A door was placed not too far to sign to help avoid drowning. Water breathing, night vision, and good armor would all make this easier but are not essential.
  3. The end - this sign was placed just one block above the void in the nether. If you use bucket of water and bucket of lava you can make a cobble pillar downwards, you can dig down that to the right level and then just build a block bridge across to the gold block with the sign on (the protection field was very small). Alternative methods and dropping down from above, perhaps with slowfalling - take a screenshot and then, well, die. Or use an elytra (I thought no-one would be crazy enough to fly around 1 block above the void with their elytra - i was wrong!)
  4. The bedrock - sign was placed in the bedrock in such a way as it was not possible to see it unless you crawled into a 1x1 gap. flow protection was disabled, so the easiest way to do this is to place a bucket of water above and swim in to read the sign. (This challenge was also under an apparently unexplored mineshaft which i thought would make it a bit more interesting)
  5. The lava! , this was very easy - but did require bravery and accuracy. If you jumped into the lava sea at exactly the right block, you would fall through the lava onto a ladder below. With no fire protection or armor this would take you down to half a heart, but there was also golden apples in the chest which would stop things getting that bad if you were quick.

Any feedback would be much appreciated. This was a relatively short, simple (but kinda tricky) challenge, i enjoyed building it - so there might very well be another one (perhaps more sophisticated).
Posted Feb 17, 19 · OP
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Wait a second is this a scavenger hunt? i remember when I did these
Posted Feb 19, 19 · Last edited Feb 19, 19