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First I will start with, I love this server. Small yet full, great Staff, and helpful.
*If an /auction function could be added. More an Auction House. Where players can leave deals up for an extended period.
*Player sell chests- Similar to the admin shop, but player run on our own Island.
*If neither of those are viable, you had mentioned certain objects to sell.
**Cobblestone - $1
**Saps - Oak, Spruce, Birch, Acacia = $2 ][ Dark Oak, Jungle = $3
**Logs = $4
**Charcoal = $5
**Cocoa Beans - Full Stack = $16
** Fish - Fish/Salmon = $3 ][ Puffer Fish = $15 ][ Clown Fish = $20

I was going to add Ghast Tears and Magma Cream, but i realized they could also be Farmed in the nether.
Posted Jul 14, 17 · OP
Hi MrdrDeathKill84, we don't currently have an auction house, but many people have suggested it, so it MAY be something we add in the future. As for player shops, you can always set up a trade sign :d
for a trade sign, set it up as follows
Line 1: "[trade]"
Line 2 (this is what you want to receive): "$<amount>" The amount of money you want, OR "<amount> <item id>
Line 3 (this is what you are selling): "<amount> <id>:<amount 2>" amount is how much you want to sell at a time, and amount2 is how much you want to put in initially (you will need that amount in your inv)
line 4: keep blank

so for example, say I wanted to sell a 1/2 stack of gold for 4 diamonds, and i wanted to put 2 stacks of gold into the sign, i would have:
4 diamond
32 gold_ingot:256

if "gold_ingot" or the actual name is too long, you can substitute it with the number id, which for gold would be 266
Hope this helps, -ikill
Posted Jul 14, 17
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It Does, Thank you!
Posted Jul 15, 17 · OP