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I have been playing ISS for a few days now, i have spent a lot of time in the creative plots side of ISS. I come from a server in which has creative and I'm very used to building detailed and pretty "Epic" builds. I'm just looking to make peoples building experience lit. So I have some non-lazy ideas on how we can up the game play for those builders.
1. Heads. Yes. It's been a "maybe" for a while. But heads can change the detail in a build by so much, once i first used them i couldn't stop and it's just not building without them now. A GUI plugin isn't rare.. Just block it in other worlds and we are good? We can't spawn heads and we don't want staff to do it for us.
2. WorldEdit. This is a big one.. We don't need all commands and yeah //set or //replace would be nice as plots come with it's own protection so you can only use in your plot. Only problem is other worlds. Might need something thinking -here if you need ideas. But i could use this myself to set portals as I've been told a staff didn't know how. They can only be placed with WorldEdit -Helps with blending (//replace) and (//set, //walls can be useful). Maybe have this as a creative ranked system or reward?
3. Plot Downloads. Yep. Probably thought this was coming. ISS is special for being really close to normal survival/creative. Which is why i like it of course. But I build on ISS because it's like Single Player except with cool players. So i am asking to keep what i build so i don't have to stick to Single Player. I seen you use PlotSquared which actually comes with Plot Downloading. We just need permission.
- Just these three ideas could help creative i think in a pretty useful way. I know big changes can be a lot to think about, but these are things i and possibly other players need to build with. Would appreciate if one or all ideas could be added asap. Thanks for putting time into the server and thinking about my ideas. -Mojang
Posted Jun 4, 17 · OP
Right off the bat I'd like to respond to "staff didn't know how" - I've only started using world edit a few weeks ago, shortly before we implemented creative, so please don't judge the entire staff by that. :d Before there was no need for me to know any of the specific things.
I personally am against world edit in creative. I understand why one would want it, but I just don't know if it is a necessity.

All those things will be thoroughly discussed in the next staff meeting.
Even if we don't choose to implement them "asap", we really appreciate all suggestions, so thank you! ;)
Posted Jun 5, 17