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Official news and announcements.
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By [Owner] Boosted_FG2 a Apr 6, 17
Let us know what you think about our cool new website!
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By [Admin] Melanie_hime a Dec 8, 18
Server Rules
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By [Owner] Boosted_FG2 a Feb 28, 17
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Come on in and get to know our staff!
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Introduce yourself to the community! Let the people know who you are!
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By [Admin] Melanie_hime a Jan 23, 19
Discussion about general topics.
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By pickletickler2 Feb 19, 19
Show off your build or show everyone what cool and interesting things you've found on the server!
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By [Admin] Melanie_hime a Oct 26, 18
If you come across a player that is being abusive or cheating report them here to the staff team can see to the issue
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If you feel that a staff member has been abusive or has mistreated you please report this here.
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Need some general IT help? Feel free to ask questions here about problems you are encountering.
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By [Mod] ikilltheundead Jun 17, 17
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